Are you a cook or a baker?


More often than not, people seem to fall into one of two camps in the kitchen – they’re either a cook or a baker. This isn’t to say they can’t do both amazingly well, but one or the other just comes more naturally.

As you might have guessed, I’m a baker. It’s something that comes easily, whether it’s simply whipping something up, creating new recipes for sweet treats or thinking on my feet when supplies run low. While I love a good recipe for inspiration, I can glance at it and go from there – baking comes naturally to me.

But when it comes to cooking I’m the total opposite – I need a good recipe and diligently follow every single step to make sure it turns out right. I’m proud of the meals I create, but know I couldn’t have made them without a solid recipe guiding me through the process.

I enjoy cooking, but I’m a baker.

Because of this I’m always on the look-out for delicious looking recipes, tearing them out of magazines, filling up my Pinterest boards and pinching them from friends. Luckily, whether you’re a baker or a cook there’s one site you can rely on to inspire you with delicious, reliable recipes every single time –

As New Zealand’s home of food, Bite is loaded with inspiration and tips from some of the country’s top foodies and has over 10,000 seasonal Kiwi recipes for you to choose from. Basically, Bite brings all the passion and knowledge of chefs like Ray McVinnie, Al Brown and Karena & Kasey Bird into your kitchen with the click of a button. Easy, huh?

Now that spring is finally here it’s the perfect time to expand your cooking and baking repertoire with some brand new recipes. Check out my top three baking and cooking picks from Bite below and find more delicious recipes here.


  1. Jam roly poly
  2. Individual lemon tartlets
  3. Hokey pokey, ginger and almond chocolates


  1. Aloo ki tikka (spicy Indian potato cakes)
  2. Refried bean nachos
  3. Falafel burger

Visit Bite for more recipes and inspiration, and register to become part of New Zealand’s largest Foodie community.

This post was made possible thanks to Bite.

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  • Caffeinated Weka

    I’m a baker. I cook because we have to eat (unfortunately every day!) but I bake because that’s what I love and am good at. People often mistake my baking results for culinary skills and think I’m being modest when I say I’m an average cook. The test for me is looking at a recipe and knowing what I can vary, how I can change it and what I could modify to achieve a different result without even trying it out. I can do this for baking recipes but, like you, need to follow cooking recipes more carefully.

    • Kirsten

      Sounds like we’re very similar! :)