A Touch of Gold Luxe


There’s something wonderful about a soft, sweet sugar cookie – one that falls apart when you bite into it and is packed with beautiful vanilla flavour. Whether your baking them for Christmas gifts, afternoon snacks or party treats they make a perfect little treat.

The trouble with sugar cookies is decorating them. Most of the sugar cookie ideas you see require you to outline and flood the cookie with royal icing and while the finished product looks gorgeous, sometimes you just don’t have the time for fiddly techniques.

That’s where this idea comes in – why not decorate sugar cookies with a beautiful swirl of buttercream icing? Traditional American-style buttercream develops a thin crust while setting, giving them as much durability as flooded biscuits without the fiddly piping.

The obvious place to start with sugar cookies is with a fabulous recipe – one that’s easy to prepare, quick to chill and holds its shape while baking. Luckily I have just the one! Click here for the recipe (just switch out the lemon for vanilla).

When I decided to make sugar cookies for my birthday celebrations last weekend I decided a buttercream swirl was definitely the right way to decorate them – I wanted something that looked soft, pretty and feminine.

But I really wanted to make these biscuits a little special, so decided to add a little gold into the mix. Yip, gold! Armed with a pot of gold lustre dust and edible gold glitter I got to work adding a little sparkle to the cookies.


After painting edible glue onto the edges of each cookie I rolled them in a little lustre dust, then painted the lustre dust around the edge of the cookie using a different brush. The result? Gorgeously decadent gold rimmed cookies!

With the cookies painted I mixed up a batch of pale pink buttercream icing (click here for the recipe) and piped a rose swirl a top each one using a 1M tip. Despite being a super quick and easy way to decorate the cookies, the iced biscuits were absolutely gorgeous.

Once all the cookies were iced I sprinkled a tiny amount of edible gold glitter over each one, bringing a little of the gold luxe from the sides of the cookies onto the top. And gosh, did they look beautiful!

I am still just as in love with these biscuits now as I was when I made them; what’s not to love about pretty pink cookies sprinkled with gold? I can’t wait to make them again and get a little more gold baking underway!


Note: if you want to use glitter in your baking be sure to buy ‘edible’ glitter rather than ‘non-toxic’. Many ‘non-toxic’ varieties are made from tiny pieces of plastic, and while they aren’t harmful, they aren’t recommended for human consumption. 

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  • http://www.littlehousewife.co.nz Little Housewife – Penny Power

    These are so gorgeous! I could see these at a pretty princess party for one of my girls. Will be filing this idea away for the future x

    • Kirsten

      Thank you so much Penny! They would look gorgeous at a pretty princess party – and how fun would that party be!

  • Daphne

    Very cute and totally one for the girls!!