100s & 1000s of sprinkles


One year ago two of our best friends welcomed a new member of the family into the world – a gorgeous baby boy named Ezra-Arlo. In the 12 months since Kevin and I have had the pleasure of watching Ezra-Arlo grow into a wonderful little boy – and quite possibly the snuggliest, smiliest baby I’ve ever met!

Considering how recent Ezra-Arlo’s baby shower feels it’s a little hard to believe that he’s hitting his first milestone birthday! The good news? It’s birthday party time! His parents, Rhys & Joy, have a knack for planning wonderful children’s parties, so I was super excited to lend a hand with the baking for this one – which just so happened to be Up themed!

Cute huh? Considering how bright and colourful the theme was, a very special cake was needed to stand out amongst all the gorgeous Up themed decorations – that’s where this giant four-layer sprinkle cake comes in.

I’m pleased to say that this cake really was something special. With 9 inch chocolate cakes filled with fluffy vanilla bean icing and stacked four high, every slice was guaranteed to look pretty impressive. But the real magic is in the decorating – the whole exterior of the cake is covered in 100s and 1000s of, well, 100s and 1000s! Click here for the cake recipe (I doubled it for this cake).

There are lots of clever tutorials out there showing you how to coat a cake in sprinkles quickly and easily, and with minimal mess – but I can tell you now that’s not how this cake was done!

Considering just how large and freshly baked this cake was I didn’t feel confident popping a cake board on either side and rolling it in a roasting tray filled with sprinkles. The cake was simply too soft for that – It wouldn’t have survived the rolling, and I couldn’t bear the thought of having the cake fall to pieces in my hands.

Instead, we went for the ‘so-messy-you-need-at-least-two-people’ method. With the cake set on a cake stand at thoroughly coated in buttercream I carefully poured sprinkles over the top of the cake, using an offset spatula to push the sprinkles out to the edges. But it was the sides that were a little tricky.

The quickest way to cover the sides was by cupping your hand against the side of the cake, pouring sprinkles into it, then gently pressing them into the sides of the cake. To save time both Joy and I did this at the same time, simultaneously working on opposite sides.


As you can imagine, this was a very messy idea resulting in sprinkles rolling all over the kitchen floor. That’s where I pulled in a third person – Kevin flitted around the cake with baking trays, catching as many rouge sprinkles as possible. You’d be surprised how many he saved!

While the process was a little insane, the cake was absolutely gorgeous – definitely one of my all-time favourites! I think there’s something magical about a giant, sprinkle covered cake no matter how old you are.

Ezra-Arlo’s party was a smash hit, with all Joy & Rhys’ party planning coming together wonderfully on the day. While it’s crazy to think he’s already creeping out of babyhood, Kevin and I had a fabulous time celebrating Ezra-Arlo’s birthday milestone – bring on the next one!

100s-and-1000s-cake-3Check out that smile! Happy birthday Ezra-Arlo. 


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