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Dairy-free baked alaska


Ever dreamed of finding a quick and easy dessert that would absolutely blow your friends away, all without you needing to spend hours in the kitchen? Well, you can stop dreaming! This dairy-free baked alaska is proof that delicious desserts don’t need to be difficult – you just need a trick or two up your…

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Chocolate & almond Christmas tree (+ GIVEAWAY)

There’s so much going on during the festive season that it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed – not only are there decorations to put up, gifts to buy and Christmas parties every other night, but chances are you have a whole lot of baking on your to-do list too. That’s where this homemade chocolate…

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Apple cider cheesecake

While summer hasn’t quite officially kicked off, it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer – the days are long and warm, the sun is (usually) shining and you can’t help but want to spend all your free time out enjoying the beautiful weather. Gardening, walking, berry picking and swimming – there are so many…

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Sweet Vanilla Amaretti latte

Christmas is just around the corner and, if you’re a coffee-lover like me, that means there’s something in-store now that’s worth getting excited about – Nespresso’s Limited Edition Variations! After falling in love with their Variations last year I couldn’t wait to find out what new flavours would be hitting the shelves this festive season…

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Lemon and raspberry yoghurt loaf

Spring has well and truly sprung – the days are warmer, the evenings longer and gardens brighter. With all this freshness popping up around the place, it makes sense to begin baking with lighter, brighter flavours – like the undeniably delicious combo of lemon and raspberry. That’s where this lemon and raspberry yoghurt loaf comes…

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Happy Monday! Wow, what a stunning weekend it was, huh? It’s certainly beginning to feel like summer – and with all the Christmas decorations popping up in stores, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas too. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and managed…

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Tomato, capsicum and spinach scrolls

While sweet treats are undeniably delicious, sometimes what you really need is something savoury – delicious scrolls, tarts and scones packed with flavour to help fill the lunchtime gap. The trick is finding the perfect recipe! I don’t do a huge amount of savoury baking, but have a couple of recipes I come back to…

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Banana and caramel cake

One of the undeniable things about baking is that you get out what you put in – the better the ingredients you use, the better the results. While there are a few tips and tricks that can help improve your baking, the difference between a nice cake and a delicious cake all comes down to…

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Peanut Butter Tim Tam brownie

Hands up if you love peanut butter! Yeah, me too – I’m addicted. On toast, Cruskits or simply by the spoonful, I would easily eat peanut butter every day I could. But you know what makes peanut butter even better? Bringing a bit of chocolate into the mix. And that’s exactly what Tim Tam has done…

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